It’s June! Which also means that it’s LGBTQIA+ Pride Month (yay!).

To celebrate, we’ve put together a rainbow list of awesome queer titles for you to check out! Maybe if you’re feeling the need for a little summer romance, some high school drama, or epic fantasy adventures, this might just be the list for you. There are so many awesome stories out there written by, about, and for queer audiences, and I just can’t get enough of them. Each book in this list is meant to highlight gay, lesbian, bi, trans, ace, and other queer characters across YA Lit. Though it’s not comprehensive by any means, it might be an awesome jumping-off point to find other books or authors you may love! We’re always happy to hear from you if you ever find a really awesome book you’d like to share.

As a little bonus, a lot of these books can also be found on Libby! You can check things out just like you would a regular book, but it’s great for reading on the go from any of your devices!

If you’re into the ‘fake dating’ trope, this one’s for you. Kelly Quindlen’s She Drives Me Crazy starts while Scottie’s life is not going great. After getting dumped by her ex-girlfriend when she transferred schools, a horrible car wreck, and now having to spend every. single. day. in the insufferable presence of Irene Abraham. But that presence becomes a little less insufferable when an opportunity comes along to not only get her popularity back but also get back at her ex?? All it takes is a little bribery, scheming, hijinx, and heartbreak to get the high school buzzing that Scottie and Irene might be more than just carpool buddies.

Always the Almost by Edward Underhill is parallel to She Drives Me Crazy in a couple of ways, with Miles’ attempts to win over his ex and a fake date (with a very real kiss). Miles loves piano, recently came out as trans, and was not expecting to be put so off-kilter by Eric Mendez, the new boy in town. Eric is a cartoonist and is cool, confident, and all the things Miles thinks he’s not. While Miles is going to need some time to sort out who exactly he is meant to be, It’s an awesome story of gender euphoria and becoming exactly who you want to be.

Looking for something a little more fantastical? C.L. Clark’s Magic of the Lost series might be the Epic Fantasy you’re looking for. The first book in the series, The Unbroken, follows soldier Touraine, sent to quell a rebellion in her homeland, and Princess Luca, who is desperate to find peace for her nation and a crown for her own head, whatever the cost. The high stakes of rebellion, war, and a bid for the throne, lead to emotions running high and perhaps something more brewing under the surface in this crumbling desert empire.

Aiden Thomas’ Sunbearer Trials is a thrilling adventure set in a mythological world. Being the trans-17-year-old semidios (or demigod) son of the goddess of birds is quite enough excitement for Teo, even as the decennial Sunbearer Trials approach. His best friend is a shoo-in, and Teo isn’t even the right rank to be considered by Sol to carry the Sun. But when Teo receives word that two semidios of lesser ranks have been chosen, he is shocked, and even more so when he finds out that he’s one of them. The trials are full of danger and glory, and only the most powerful have a chance to win the favor and carry the light for the god of the sun.

Ok, so this one is a personal plug. I adored Adam Silvera’s They Both Die at the End (and the prequel just released too, which is definitely on my TBR list). The Death-Cast corporation gives you a call on the day you’re going to die. Mateo and Rufus, two teen boys from the same city, get the same midnight phone call. They may be strangers now, but over the course of their last 24 hours, they might find themselves becoming closer than they ever thought possible. You know it’s going to happen, but it doesn’t stop the wrenching of your heart as Mateo and Rufus discover what happens when you know you’re destined to die.     

You might just recognize this author, as Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper was made into a Netflix show in 2022 (season 2 coming soon!!!). Loveless follows Georgia as she goes into her first few weeks of university, far from home in what feels like a whole new world. She loves fanfics and romance books but has never really felt the romance for herself. Not a single crush, no butterflies, no spark. But with college romances blooming all around her, Georgia finds herself feeling a little lost. Maybe love just isn’t for her? She has a lot of learning to do about herself, including being introduced to some new words like asexual and aromantic; maybe she might just have been looking in the wrong places all along. 

Did you find something for that summer spark? We sure hope so! Have a safe Pride Month, and happy reading!