Drawing Club is the 2nd Tuesday of every month and I hope you will join us! All teens are welcome to participate. You can share what you know about drawing or learn something new from your fellow artists. 

Recently we tested out a new web based software: Aggie. The site describes itself as a “collaborative painting application.” I hope you will like it just as much as we do and see what you can make with it. I find it works best if you create a free account. I can make myself the admin, set user settings and invite users to participate. The site works in layers preventing any mishaps with multiple users. Also, with my free account I can save our collaborations for later. 

For this event, we started off by tagging a blank screen just to say hi and welcome. Then we took a minute to take a deep breath, calm our minds, and think about what we wanted to get out of today’s Drawing Club. 

Next, we worked through a few prompts together I found online. This prompt asks you to draw squiggles and then turn them into birds. The results are so much fun. I hope to display these in our teen space soon!

For our final collaborative piece, one of our participants suggested we do a mashup drawing where everyone creates a different part of a figure. It took a minute to make sure everyone was drawing in the same direction, but the teens had it all figured out by using text to figure out who was writing upside down.

After our final prompt, we took a minute to check-in again to see how we felt before and after our time together. 

Thank you for checking out our collaborative art pieces. I can’t wait to see what else we can do with this platform and others just like it! For more information on settings and using this site, visit here

Looking for books? Check out the wide range of drawing books we have at the library, many of which are available as ebooks too!