Check out the latest radio style production from the CCPL Virtual Film Club, performed entirely on Zoom!

Science Fiction Action Time Theater

Ep. 47: I Borrowed It Tomorrow, I’ll Return It Yesterday

Four students use a time machine to figure out why their cafeteria food tastes so bad, traveling from the beginning to the end of time.

Looking for more YA books on making stories you can perform? Check out some of these suggestions:

My Adventures as a Young Film Maker by Andrew Janks

Explores the life and career of the young founder of the Hendrick Hudson Film Festival and creator of World of Jenks.

Be a Screenwriter by Alix Wood

Everyone loves a good twist in a movie and that moment of surprise when the audience screams. The screenwriter is the one to thank for memorable movie plots and characterizations. Creative writers will love figuring out how to take an original concept and create a script that Hollywood moguls will be dying to turn into a blockbuster. They’ll learn how to seamlessly incorporate setting, dialogue, and stage directions into a gripping storyline. All the tips and tricks to successful screenwriting are in this ultimate guide.

Screenwriting for Teens by Christina Hamlett

The 100 Principles of Screenwriting Every Budding Writer Must Know

These books give teens–who go to the movies more than any age group in the world–the tools to do more than just watch those movies. It gives them the tools to write their own films.

Filmmaking For Teens by Troy Lanier & Clay Nichols

Pulling Off Your Shorts

This funny and irreverent how-to takes young would be filmmakers from the moment of inspiration to a finished short film and beyond.