Now that the Earth is fully in bloom and the world is green again, have you ever wondered what you could eat? I remember as a child being dared to try eating leaves and grass, and I must say I didn’t find them too appetizing. However, knowing which plants to eat and how to prepare them might have made that a better experience. Why not try your hand at preparing some of the plants in your own backyard this summer? Below are a couple of plants and weeds that you may have in your backyard. Before collecting any of these plants, make sure you gather them from an area that does not have pollutants such as herbicides, road run-off, or animal waste. Collecting from your own backyard is a safe bet! Before diving into the recipes, think about checking out one of these books to help you identify your plants.


Backyard foraging: 65 familiar plants you didn’t know you could eat by Ellen Zachos.

Trying to eat locally? Discover food in the plant life all around you. Learn to eat your way around the block! Your backyard or a nearby park or vacant lot might be rich with edible possibilities.

Edible wild plants: a falcon field guide by Todd Telander

Edible Wild Plants is a field guide to the 90 most common and sought-after species in North America. Conveniently sized to fit in your pocket and featuring full-color, detailed illustrations, this informative guide makes it easy to identify plants in your backyard, favorite parks, and wildlife areas

The everything guide to foraging: identifying, harvesting, and cooking nature’s wild fruits and vegetables by Vickie Shufer

From the field to your table– how to find and prepare wild foods. This is your one-stop reference for identifying and harvesting the wild fruits and vegetables that grow in fields, forests, and even on your own lawn.

Edible wild plants: wild foods from dirt to plate by John Kallas

Maps, explanations, photographs, and detailed descriptions offer a comprehensive overview of edible wild plants, how to identify them, and how to prepare them.

Nature’s garden: a guide to identifying, harvesting, and preparing edible wild plants by Samuel Thayer

We are surrounded by free groceries that we have never tasted and do not recognize. Learn to identify these fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables, as well as how to find them and prepare them

Recipes to Try

Here are some fun recipes using easily identified plants to get you started!