Kanopy is full of a grand selection of shows, movies, and documentaries, and the film we are going to talk about today is no exception. Let me introduce you to someone I think you might like, Marcel – The Shell with Shoes! 

Marcel – The Shell with Shoes On is an adorable movie from A24’s studio that came out in 2021. It follows Marcel and his grandma, Nana Connie, as they navigate a new life separated from their community while growing a fan base with their viral docuseries on YouTube. 

Just like the fans in the movie, you will love the movie too. It is not a simple movie of a claymation creation galavanting in an Airbnb, it’s about family. Different family makeups, how family can be a community for us, how families can separate from differing circumstances, and the roles we take up for family, especially becoming a caretaker that is placed between two generations. 

Marcel the Shell is a special movie that effectively teaches us the different elements of life in such a creative way. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. It has become a new favorite of mine, even though I cried numerous times while watching it (this is your warning to bring tissues, especially for the ending, especially if you are an empath). 

If you want to “linger a little longer,” like little Marcel, click the link here to check it out on Kanopy!