A selection of comics for those interested in the most recent and original diverse superheroes in comics and the new storyline that embark on the beginning of their adventure. All of the books on this list are available on the digital platform Hoopla.


A girl from a small-town just wants to uncover the truth about her adoption, unexpectedly her digging deeper into her past changes this mystery into an action-adventure that literally expands her whole universe.

Outer Darkness Vol. 1: Each Other’s Throats

Captain Riggs and the crew of starship Charo discover something terrifying and now his team is investigating the mysterious demonic hauntings taking place in outer space.

Bitter Root Vol. 1: Family Business

In a world where hatred and negative emotions can literally turn you into monsters. Now with new and more dangerous monsters appearing, the once-great monster-hunting family the Sangerye rejoin to deal with this new threat!

Skyward Vol. 1: My Low-G Life Issues #1-5

Skyward follows the adventures of Willa Fowler who was born after G-day the event that took all gravity away.

War Of The Realms New Agents Of Atlas

A group hero teams up to defend the Pacific Rim from a Demons Queen that wants to destroy all of Midgar starting with Asia.

Anti/Hero Comic

Two girls that live completely different lives like one being a hero and one being a villain have a freaky friday situation.