Anytime is a good time to learn the art of origami and create  fun decor with the entire family! Origami is the art of folding a single sheet of paper into a sculpture without the use of glue, scissors or tape.

Travel at home creating origami pocket books from maps!

Six Pocket Keepsake Book

Travel at home creating origami pocket books from maps! Available from Creativebug!

In this class, Jody shows how to quickly transform a simple piece of paper into a structured six-pocket folder, perfect for stashing sentimental items, photos and papers. The materials are minimal, including a bone folder for creasing and a large piece of paper of any weight, color or design. After making a series of simple folds, the sheet of paper is magically turned into a ready-to-use multi-pocket book

Creativebug online offers users of any age to explore and learn on- trend arts through video and blog plots. Create it now and discover your new galaxy using CreativeBug, found here. Use text-weight paper and a few simple folds to construct an entire galaxy. In this class paper-crafter Faith Hale demonstrates three different structures: a spaceship, a planet, and a small star you’ll make handfuls of. Try it now and discover which one is inflatable! With Faith’s enthusiastic guidance and clear instructions, you’ll make enough stars for your own milky way.


Origami for Children by Marcelina Grabowska-Piątek
50 Marvels Made of Paper

Origami for Children introduces kids to the pleasures of creating objects using one’s own hands, simply by folding paper. This is also an opportunity for adults to share a moment of complicity with their children. This book proposes 50 creative ideas, all of them easy to make, even by small kids. Each of the 50 creative ideas is displayed on two to four pages. Step-by-step instructions are described very clearly with photographs and, when necessary, using drawings. A picture always shows the final product.

Origami Airplanes by Paul Jackson

Origami is actually a very easy hobby!The spectacular paper airplanes in Origami Airplanes are so easy and fun to make, even first-time flyers will have a plane soaring through the air in no time. All the designs were chosen because they feature a special detail of paper plane design, such as being very wide or narrow, great for flying outdoors, a strange shape, having an unusual launch or being acrobatic. Origami Airplanes includes 60 sheets of origami paper as well as tips and tricks for making all your planes fly really . . . REALLY . .  well!

Easy Money Origami by Marc Kirschenbaum

Turn your money into art and get creative with your finance.These 15 dollar bill origami projects range from simple to challenging-perfect for origami folders of all types. Clear step-by-step instructions allow you to fold up creative projects in no time at all.Diversify your folded money portfolio with original origami projects like: The simple Tree and Heart-perfect for origami beginners. The Cube, Pyramid and Octahedron-three elegant polyhedra models for the mathematically inclined. A cute Cat and graceful Butterfly make memorable gifts or tips. The challenging Lobster awaits those who’ve mastered all the other models!Money origami art is perfect for gift giving, tipping and just for fun!

Cats In Origami by Nick Robinson

Hoopla invites pet friendly fun origami with your pet friends.Twenty projects feature cats in various poses, from a grinning Cheshire cat to walking and sleepy felines. Includes step-by-step instructions, illustrated with color photos and diagrams.

Origami Extravaganza! by Various Authors

Make dozens of fun and easy origami projects with this huge origami eBook. Origami Extravaganza! has something for everyone. Whether you’re an origami beginner or an advanced paper crafter, this eBook will keep you entertained with its variety of both traditional and modern origami models. This is one of the most comprehensive origami eBooks available today-meaning that if you’re only interested in buying one, this should be it. Paper folding models cover a wide range of topics from flowers and animals to elegant containers and celebratory designs. The simple, straightforward instructions make it a great origami-for-kids eBook and an easy way to learn origami. After folding a few dozen projects, you will have a very solid base in the art of origami and should be able to create your own original origami pieces! This easy origami eBook contains: o A full-colored 96-page booklet o Clear step-by-step instructions o Easy-to-follow diagrams o Paper folding basics and tips o 45 fun origami projects… The variety of origami creations in this eBook is remarkable-making it one of the largest origami ebooks available. You will have a hard time running out of new and interesting origami models to fold! Origami projects include: o Simple Swan o Flamingo o Dandelion Blossom o Pine Tree o Cup o Classic Box with Lid o Fox Puppet o Samurai Helmet o And many more…

Origami Butterflies by Michael G. LaFosse, Richard L. Alexander, Greg Mudarri

Make colorful and fun origami butterflies with this easy origami eBook. Anyone would look twice at a flower with one of these paper butterflies perched on it. World renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse introduces Origami Butterflies with craft projects for the beginner or the intermediate paper folder looking to expand their repertoire. This unique collection of origami designs will help you create folded paper models of common and exotic butterflies from around the world. Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home-or as a wonderful gift for butterfly lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami.

Additional Resource

Running out of origami ideas? Creativebug offers paper collages fun to add on.