We have a new 3D printer!! Join us on our design and printing adventure this summer.

Beginning in June, we will host a series of 3D printing programs for teens at Waldorf West Library using our new MakerBot 3D Printer. 

What can you expect?

First, register for the program on Monday, June 17 at 2 PM; don’t forget August!

Make a free account with Tinkercad, the design software. To get a head start, complete the tutorials that show you how to place, size, and rearrange objects.

At the end of the program, please share the link of your design with our staff so we can print it for you. We will contact you when your print is ready for pick-up. This program focuses on creating simple designs that can be printed quickly and easily. 

If necessary, we may ask you to edit your design before printing.


 We will be using a Sketch Large 3D Printer. Check it out here on YouTube. Are you excited? We are! 

We will demonstrate how the printer works so you can see how the filament is fed into the printer and extruded as thin layers onto the heated metal plate.


Staff will be available to assist with the laptops and to explain how the 3D printer works.


 The library reserves the right to decide what projects will be printed. Emailing your design does not guarantee that it will be printed. All designs must be family-friendly.

Any questions or just want to know more? Call 301/645-1395 or email westref[at]ccplonline[dot]org.