What do you call a crab in self-isolation? A hermit crab! Make this cute 3D crab pair. Find out what this little hermit crab is up to in a classic book that comes to life! Watch it here on Kanopy. What type of environments do crabs live in? Request and read all about them here on COSMOS. Check out Creativebug for more craft ideas.


  • Blue Construction Paper

  • Red Construction Paper

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Pair of Googly Eyes

  • Marker

  • 3-inch Circle and 1½-inch Circle

  • Pencil


Step One: Cut two 3-inch circles from the red construction paper and eight 1½-inch circles from the red construction paper.

Step Two: Fold the two large in half and glue them on opposite sides to each other. Remember to glue only half side of the fold. Next, repeat the steps for the “claws”  as well. Using a marker or a white crayon, create limb attachments. Glue on the Googly eyes. Using a marker, create facial expressions.

Have a crab-divating time!