With the school system getting back into in-person attendance and the world trying to get back to normal, students have started to look for places to get their required volunteer hours for school. Even though libraries are good places to volunteer, we cannot provide enough opportunities for multiple students. Hopefully, this post will give you alternatives when it comes to looking for places for your student to volunteer. The first step is to figure out how many volunteer hours your student needs. The Maryland State Board of Education requires 75 hours of volunteer service from all students prior to graduation. Please check out this volunteer requirements link for more information. The requirements apply to all students, including students enrolled in a special education program. The sooner your student can start volunteering, the better their chance of completing all of the required volunteer hours. A student can start accumulating their volunteer hours as soon as they start middle school.

Where can students get volunteer service hours? Where to look for volunteer opportunities? Here are a few suggestions. It is always a good idea to check with your local non-profit agencies to see if they have volunteer opportunities. Find out what their age requirements are and if they have any other requirements, such as background checks.


Sometimes you can find opportunities right in your local church. Volunteering in a church daycare center, outreach food kitchen, or afterschool tutoring are some of the opportunities available.


Your school might also have some opportunities. After-school daycare for smaller children, working in your school library, and peer tutoring. West Lake High school has such a program in place for its students. Check with your guidance counselors to see if there is something similar in your school. Charles County Schools also offer Student Service Learning which can help them get some of their required hours.

Homeless Outreach Organizations

The Best Volunteer Organization provides a list of different organizations that will accept Volunteers in Charles County and surrounding areas. Check with places like the ARC of Southern Maryland, Lifestyles of Maryland, senior centers, and recreation centers.


Check with the local Jaycees to see if they have volunteer opportunities that your high school students can apply for.

Volunteer Southern Maryland

You can sign up for volunteer opportunities with this organization on their Facebook page.

Rebuild Together Charles County

They sponsor a volunteer program called Christmas in April. This program helps low-income homeowners by using volunteers to make needed repairs to homes. Volunteers need to be at least 16 yrs of age.


Check with your local library to see if they have any volunteer opportunities.

For books on volunteering, please visit our CCPL catalog at www.ccplonline.org.

Our Place Waldorf Soup Kitchen

This organization accepts minor volunteers to help set up for the dinner meals. More information can be found at Our Place.

The Arnold House

The Arnold House accepts help with packing food bags and helping in the soup kitchen. They have partnered with local schools so that students can get tier-required community service hours.

Humane Society of Charles County

The Humane Society of Charles County accepts student volunteers. Any student volunteer under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an approved adult volunteer (over 18 years of age).

Children’s Aid Society of Charles County

The Children’s Aid Society uses volunteers year-round for their events and yearly projects. They do not say what the age range is for volunteers, but you can give them a call at 301-645-1561.

Volunteering: Insight and Tips for Teenagers by Jean Rawitt

While many young adults want to help their community in some way, many are unsure of where to start. This book empowers teenagers to take action by providing information on how to get started, be successful, and make a difference. First-hand accounts from teenagers provide additional insight from those who have gone through the process themselves

Teen Guide to Volunteering by Stuart Kallen

One of those benefits is that volunteers make peoples’ lives better. And a second benefit is self-directed: people who help others help themselves. Volunteers feel personal satisfaction when they see how their efforts are making the world a better place. This is a powerful tool for reducing stress, combating depression, and providing a sense of purpose. Volunteer work can be challenging but those who tackle problems or aid strangers meet like-minded people of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds. This reduces feelings of loneliness. It can also help you widen your social circle beyond you immediate family while forming bonds that last a lifetime.