Check out the latest film from our own Charles County Public Library Film Club for Teens, “Blackmail!,” written by Film Club member Jada Davis-Turner.


A group of students plays a trick on a teacher/librarian, convincing him that they will release privileged information on him if he doesn’t play by their rules. 

This 11:33-long movie was shot entirely online while library programming was still virtual.

If you want to learn more about filmmaking, check out some of these titles: 

Be a Film Editor by Alix Wood

Polish the Performance

Part of the Moviemakers’ Film Club series

One of the most crucial people behind the scenes in a movie is the film editor. Without this meticulous artist, a film would seem awkward, hard to follow, and unprofessional. The film editor knows when to cut the action of a scene and how to transition into the next scene flawlessly. They know when to use a close-up and how to add important visual effects. There’s a lot to the art of film editing, but this filmmaker’s guide is an accessible view into the fascinating career that movie enthusiasts may never have considered.

Be a Film Director by Alix Wood

Direct with Confidence

Part of the Moviemakers’ Film Club series

A lot of people are involved in making a movie; just count them in the ending credits. There’s one person who’s in charge of making sure that those people work together, the director. A director oversees all the creative pieces of movie production. They may change scripts, costumes, and cast members and have a say in all camera shots and final edits. It’s stressful but rewarding; just ask an Oscar-winning director. Young directors will learn the myriad of responsibilities they can look forward to in this insightful volume while gathering great advice on how to work with people to make a cinematic masterpiece.

Screenwriting for Teens by Christina Hamlett

This book gives teens -who go to the movies more than any age group in the world – the tools to do more than just watch those movies. It gives them the tools to write their own films.