Love is in the air! Why not decorate for this wonderful holiday by creating your very own heart wreath? Making your own heart wreath is a fun, simple and relatively inexpensive seasonal craft for adults and teens, that is guaranteed to add a beautiful and festive touch to any door, entryway, hall or mantle.


  • 18’’ – 24’’ grapevine wreath or faux pine wreath

  • Cardstock paper (printed or plain) cut into hearts

  • Hot glue gun (with glue sticks and cardboard platform, to catch liquid glue drips)

  • Burlap and/or wired ribbon

  • Floral wire

  • Assorted pre-made paper or foam heart cutouts (optional)

  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter to use as a stencil (optional)

  • Exacto knife (optional)

  • Scissors (optional)

*Crafting supplies can be ordered online at Michaels, Amazon or WalMart


I will explain and illustrate how I assembled my heart wreath. For the cardstock hearts, I was lucky enough to have access to a professional AccuCut (die cutting) machine, allowing me to quickly produce multiple hearts from my printed cardstock paper.  

If you’re unsure of how to tie your own bow, you can purchase a premade bow, and attach it to the top of your wreath with a sturdy floral wire (or you can use the hot glue gun to secure it onto your wreath). Before I placed the cardstock hearts on the wreath, I fashioned and attached a burlap bow to the top of the wreath with floral wire (using the excess wire on the back to create a loop from which to hang the wreath). Also, make sure to preheat your glue gun about 10-15 minutes before you plan to use it, and prop it up on a sturdy piece of cardboard (so the liquid glue has somewhere to go, when it starts to drip out of the gun).

I then artfully placed the hearts onto my wreath, according to color and pattern, before gluing them down with a dime-sized dollop of hot glue. (I purchased a grapevine wreath from Michaels craft store).  

If you don’t want to draw on cardstock paper and cut out hearts…there are still more options for you.  

You can purchase assorted paper heart cutouts or foam heart shapes and simply glue them onto your wreath.

Here is an example of another printed cardstock wreath I made last year, this one with a winter theme, using various holiday shapes.  

For more wonderful crafting ideas, please visit CCPL’s newest free crafting database, Creativebug!

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