Looking for some scary places you can visit?  Check out the following haunted sites in Maryland (two are in Southern Maryland)! 

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House in Waldorf, MD

This is the home John Wilkes Booth visited after assassinating President Lincoln and injuring his leg after jumping from the balcony of Ford’s Theatre. He claimed to be Mr. Tyler and said he hurt his leg falling off a horse. The bed in which he slept is still there and you can see his indentation on the blanket.

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Point Lookout State Park in Scotland, MD

This site contained a hospital for wounded Union soldiers before becoming a prison of war camp for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Apparitions dressed in Civil War Era clothing have been spotted roaming the grounds.

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Ft. McHenry in Baltimore, MD 

Fort McHenry was used as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War as well as a hospital for wounded soldiers during World War I. Visitors have spotted shadowy looking figures roaming around the site.

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The “gravity-defying road” in Burkittsville, MD

Burkittsville is the town where the film “The Blair Witch Project” was filmed and contains a road that the local community calls Spook Hill.  If you drive to the bottom of the hill and place your vehicle in neutral, it will appear to drift uphill!  Is it an optical illusion or is it paranormal?  Do you dare to give it a try? 

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The Union Hotel Restaurant in Port Deposit, MD

 The Union Hotel dates back to around the 1790’s and at one point was a brothel where things sometimes got violent. The staff dress in colonial costume and report that phantom footsteps are often heard around the building and both staff and customers report sightings of a ghostly lady all dressed in blue. 

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The Maryland State House in Annapolis, MD

Our state house (the first peacetime capital of the United States) is said to be filled with spirits and locals have reported seeing a ghostly revolutionary war soldier walking the grounds as well as the ghost of a man who fell off the roof while making repairs.

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