New DVD Releases

In 1888 a Frenchman named Louis Le Prince directed the very first motion picture.  It was made with 11 clips and played for approximately 10 seconds. This short film, entitled “Roundhay Garden Scene”, merely showed a man riding a horse. Imagine how the audience felt as they viewed the first moving pictures!  No one could have been more excited and in awe than this group. Today, we can get almost as excited as this group when we watch a newly released movie. 

Fortunately, our modern movies usually captivate us a lot longer than 10 seconds. They temporarily transport us to new worlds, dimensions or different places in time. They impact our emotions, thoughts and opinions.

One of  the best things about movies is they come in different genres. Do you like stories about love in the air?  If so, romance might be for you. Are you easily bored?  Try an action-packed movie.  Are you a screamer? Then, try a horror movie. Or do you like Who-Done-Its?  A suspense/thriller is probably more to your liking… Or you could be like many of us, like them all. 

CCPL constantly gets new, exciting movies every week. We have so many movies to choose from, but so little time for most of us to watch them (but you can be a secret binge-watcher).  

Below are some titles of the latest releases to help you narrow your cinematic search. Choose your favorite genre to find a movie or two… or three…or feel free to watch them all.  



Staff Pick: 

  • Finding You: After a tumultuous audition, Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) sets off for a change of pace and scenery to the beautiful, rolling hills of Ireland.  There Finley happens to find love and lots of drama when she meets Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre) , a young, arrogant actor who appears to have everything. 


Staff Pick:

  • Here Today: Although this movie is starring two well-renowned comics and has some laughable moments, its delicate subject matter warrants it as a beautiful drama about friendship. Charlie Burnz (Billy Crystal) and Emma Payge (Tiffany Haddish) come from two very different walks of life. Yet, they open up their hearts to discover that there are limitless possibilities in friendship and love.


Staff Pick:

  • Luca: Luca has always followed the rules and has done everything his mom and dad told him.  However, he dreams that there is more beyond the sea. So he decides to take a chance and explore. Along the way he meets new friends and finds a new exciting world.  


Staff Pick:

  • Wrath of Man: In this action flick, “H” (Jason Statham) searches for the ones responsible for upsetting his family dynamic. He is out for revenge and nothing or no one will dare stop him. 


Staff Pick:

  • A Quiet Place 2: If you were waiting to find out what happened to the Abbott family….the wait is over.  This long awaited sequel continues the family’s fight for survival in the midst of the terrifying silent world. 


Staff Pick:

  • The Conjuring 3:The Devil Made Me Do It: Once again the Warners uncover an unparalleled evil. This evil entity preys on members of a small town.   With Lorraine’s (Vera Farmiga) clairvoyant gifts and Ed’s (Patrick Wilson) investigative talents, the pair reveal demonic possession can truly ruin the lives of the innocent. 


Staff Pick:

  • Queen Bees: This hilarious movie proves that change can be good at any age. It also shows that you don’t have to be young to make enemies or friends….but it is better to make friends.  


Staff Pick:

  • In the Heights: “In the Heights”  is a  wonderful musical that takes place within a New York community. There we meet Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), a hard-working store owner, who dreams and hopes his  life will change. Through hard work and determination Unsavi believes this dream will come true.