Did you know that the Leatherback Sea Turtle has no scales or a hard back shell? They are also the largest species of turtle in the world. Construct a turtle craft of your own. Create a list of must reads on Novelist and explore the life cycle of sea turtles. Sit back and pop out the popcorn. Watch this too cute of a movie on Hoopla. Is it Turtle or Tortoise? Find the answer on COSMOS by reading all about it. As always head over to Creative Bug for more inspiration.

Here is the list of items you will need:

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Paper Plate

  • Colorful Tissue Paper Squares

  • Marker

  • Green Construction Paper w/ Turtle head, legs and tail (See below)


  • Googly Eyes


Step One: Cut out the turtle’s head, legs and tail.

Step Two: Flip the plate over to it’s back and glue on the turtle’s head, legs & tail.

Step Three: Flip back over the plate. Start placing down pieces of the tissue paper all around the plate with glue.

Step Four: It should look something like this.

Step Five: Place glue all over the tissue paper. Let it dry. This is what will give it a “shell” texture look and as well as the “mosaic.”

Step Six: Glue on the googly eyes.

Step Seven: Draw on the nose and mouth using your marker.

Vola! Your own turtle.