Whenever I see sunflowers, they remind me of the sun and the beautiful landscape they form. Not to mention the delicious seeds they create. Did you know that a single sunflower can carry up to 1,000 seeds or more? Read all about how a “Seed turns into a plant” here on National Geographic Kids. Discover how Marisol surprises her neighbors with her garden here in Novelist Plus. Dig deeper into the life cycle of a Sunflower here on Hoopla. Check out Creative Bug for more fun projects.


  • Scissors

  • Green/Yellow/Orange Construction paper

  • Glue

  • Glue Stick

  • Sunflower seeds


Step 1: Create ½-inch strips out of the yellow construction paper about 12. Divide the strips into eight pieces and four pieces. Cut out a 2-inch circle as well and set it aside.

Step 2: Take the eight strips and glue the ends only.

Step 3: Cut in half the four strips and glue the ends.

Step 4: Create a strip out of green construction paper and two leaf shapes.

Step 5: Glue down the yellow circle you cut earlier, followed by the stem and leaves. Glue down the longer folded strips first.

Step 6: Glue down the smaller folded strips on the inner side. Place liquid glue in the center and then place sunflower seeds in the center. Let the glue dry completely.