A beach trip is always exciting, right? Even though hanging out in the sand and waves isn’t possible for a lot of us right now, there are things we can do to bring the beach home to us!  Enjoy the story “Ladybug Girl at the Beach” by David Soman and Jacky Davis, and then have fun with some activities that can help bring the fun and sun into your own home!

  1. List your top ice cream flavors. Can you make it to 11?
  2. If you were going to make a beach museum, what kind of things would you pick up? Make a list and draw a picture of your museum
  3. Lulu wrote her name and drew pictures in the sand using a big stick. Find a stick in your backyard and see if you can write your name with it. If you can’t find a stick, try using paper and pencil!
  4. Lulu and Bingo spend some time in the water. Fill up your bathtub and take some of your favorite (water safe) toys on a wet adventure!
  5. When Lulu thought that she was going to be swept up by the water, she was scared, and had to be brave to get back to her family. What’s a time when you had to be brave? Ask a grown up to help you write about it, and draw a picture of your tale!

Craft: Sandpaper Sandcastle Craft. Design your own sandcastle using cut out shapes. If you don’t have sandpaper, regular paper will work, too! Check out the blog, All Kids Network, for some ideas on ways you can shape your castle.