Hey! Welcome to Gardening with Ms. Kate, a blog where we talk about taking care of our photosynthesizing friends! Today, we are going to discuss dusty leaves.


Dusty leaves?

You heard that right, kids! We will be talking about dusty leaves, and the importance of taking care of the leaves of our leaves. Now, what is dust? Dust is a concoction (or mixture) of particles from solid matter; fur from animals, soil we bring into the house and …. Dead skin cells … eww! Your parents will agree when I say that dust gets everywhere, tables, windowsills, and even, the leaves of your plants. The leaves of your philodendron or your string of hearts is the perfect playground for dust.

But Ms. Kate, dust doesn’t hurt anything, why do should I dust my leaves?

For the health of your plant! Your plant processes energy by taking in sunlight from its leaves. If there is a lot of dust on your plant, it will be harder for it to “eat,” so to speak. To put it into a different perspective, it would be like keeping a mask on at dinner. Would you be able to enjoy your delicious food? No, so that is what it is like for our plants.

Ms. Kate, what do we use to dust our leaves? Mrs. Meyers? Even though Mrs. Myers is a gentle spray, the chemicals in it would still harm our plants. Luckily, we just need two things to dust our plants; a damp paper towel or cloth, and dusty leaves!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, even though we learned what was in dust today… ewww… Happy gardening friends!

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