As the year progresses and we get closer to the holiday breaks for school-age children, I’d like to share some library etiquette that will make the experience for our customers coming to the library more enjoyable. To begin this post, I’d like to describe what libraries are today to our customers. No longer are they just the place to come for storytime and to pick up books. Libraries have become more of a community meeting place/center for all of our customers. Now libraries are places for customers to come for job help, such as filling out resumes and learning how to do job searches. They are places where our staff try to keep current with different software programs (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) and schedule one-on-one computer sessions to help people who want to learn how to use those programs. We provide notary services, passport services, fax services, showers, and outreach programs for the homeless. And we present different programs that address a needed service in our communities. For us, the library and its customers are a part of our community whether we live around the area or not. It’s a place where we try to provide a safe haven for all who come through our doors. So how can our customers help us continue providing all of this to anyone who walks through our doors? Here is a list of things that will make the experience enjoyable for all of us.

On busy days, it can get a little hectic. We might be busy with another customer, and it might take a while for us to get to you and answer your questions.

Other customers and staff members.

We are just like you and may be having an off day. We would never deliberately ignore you or not give you our full attention. If one of us cannot help you, we will ask another staff member who might have more experience to step in and help you.

Please do an evaluation to let us know if you enjoyed the program or if it helped you obtain the materials you need. We use those stats to continue providing quality programs for you. If we don’t get feedback, we’re not sure if you really liked what we offered.

For busy parents whose children come to the branch after school, drop in to see how your child /teen is adapting to being on their own at the library during the after-school hours.

Other customers might be taking a proctored exam or doing an interview online with their laptops (remember, not all branches have private meeting rooms.) Loud talking, ringing cell phones, and mock fighting can make other users uncomfortable.

We strive to provide a clean area for our customers to come in and use the computers and sitting area. If you must eat, please do so in the designated areas. Spilled drinks can damage equipment and attract unwanted pests.

For more information on the services, our library system provides, please visit our website. You can also check out our CCPL catalog for more information on Libraries.