Every superhero needs a cape. This craft is an easy fun  way to make a cape that will complete your superhero costume. 

This craft was created for our C4 virtual comic con on June 13th 2020. I hope you enjoy and check out our other superhero crafts and programs. Please Share your photos with us through our social media.

With this craft you will learn how to make a simple cape to complete any superhero outfit.

What you will need:

  • An Old T-shirt

  • Scissors

  • String

  • Decorating Materials

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves

First you will take your old T-shirt and cut off the arms.

Step 2: Cut down the sides

Next you will go cut down the sides of the T-shirt.

Step 3: Cut the collar

Now you will cut around the collar and then make a cut in the middle of it. I also rounded the shoulder of the cape.

Step 4: Add string

First you will want to create a hole at the end of each side of the collar. You can do this by folding the end and cutting a small slit into the fabric. Be careful not to cut over the end. Now you just add string through each side so you can tie the sides together. If you have velcro you can add it to the ends and you wont need to use string.

Step 5: Decorate

You can use Paint, markers, duct tape, hot glue and whatever fun craft stuff you can find in your house and have fun!!! Once you’re done you  will have a wonderful superhero cape to complete any outfit.