The school year has ended, and summer vacation is officially in full swing! Looking for something to do to combat those long boring days, or maybe just want to dive into a new activity before you’re back to solving math equations and writing papers on the American Revolutionary War? Whatever the reason, check out the list of activities you may want to explore to fill your summer days with excitement and hopefully experience a new adventure you can rave about to your friends when you return to school. 

It’s not too late to sign up, read books, and earn points for your chance to win some awesome prizes. Challenge yourself to read a book in a different genre or start a new book series.


Yes, you can make a difference this summer by volunteering in your local community. Rally together some friends and collect nonperishable food items to donate to a food pantry. Help an elderly person in your neighborhood with household chores or yard work. Clean up your neighborhood by collecting trash or planting a small garden to beautify your community. There are several ways you can volunteer your time this summer, and you’ll feel so good helping your community. Not to mention you can add the skills you gained on your resume. 

Don’t know where to start. Check out  Volunteering: insights and tips for teenagers” by Jean Rawitt, to find more ways to jumpstart your volunteering efforts. 

Try a New Recipe

Put your cooking skills to the test and try making something new. You can follow a recipe you found online or in a cookbook, or if you feel like taking on a challenge, ask your parents or a family member to pass down a family recipe. Who knows, this might be a dish you can serve at the next family gathering, considering it passes the friend’s taste test. Bon Appétit. 

Need some culinary inspiration? Take a look at America’s Test Kitchen cookbook “The complete cookbook for teen chefs: 70+ teen-tested and teen-approved recipes to cook, eat, and share. 

DIY Craft Project

If you’re feeling adventurous, tackle a DIY or craft project. There are plenty of Pinterest boards, ideas online, and books at your local library that will inspire you to create. Need a jump start? Create a DIY phone holder, sew a custom pillow, or make macrame dip-dye wall hanging art for your room. Let your imagination be the star of the show! Take a picture and show family and friends what you created. 

Take a look at “The Making it guide to crafting “ by Liz Welker, for some great ideas. Or if your room needs a new vibe. Check out DIY bedroom decor: 50 awesome ideas for your room” by Tana Smith.

Have a Yard Sale

You heard the saying, “out with the old, in with the new”. No better time than now than to declutter your room to make space for all your new school gear because the end of summer break will be here sooner than you know it. But don’t fret; hold a yard sale (with your parent’s/guardian’s permission, of course) and rack up some extra money to purchase clothes and items on your wish list. If you don’t have enough items to sell, ask your friends to chip in the yard sale and split the profit. 

Does this motivate you to turn what you love doing into profit? Check out “Start it up: the complete teen business guide to turning your passion into pay” by Kenrya Rankin.  

Movie Time!

Film a short movie on your smartphone. Grab your friends and collaborate on writing a short script. Gather props and costumes and assign roles. Visit your local thrift store to find inexpensive props and clothing for the film. You can even ask your neighbors to donate. There are several great mobile editing apps you can use to edit your short film. Be creative and enjoy the experience. This could be the start of your cinema journey. 

Want to learn more about the filming process? Join us at the Waldorf West Branch for Teen Film Club. This is a great opportunity to learn, develop your craft, and create. We hope to see you there!