• Roller

  • Knife

  • Cutting board

  • Fruit roll up

  • Rice Crispy Treat

  • Long candy  (I used twizzlers and sour punch straws. You can also use gummy worms, candy laces etc.)

  • Swedish fish or you can use any kind of gummy candy

  • Optional parchment paper

Sushi Roll

Step 1: Grab one of your rice crispy treats and roll it out. Parchment paper would be good to put under the rice crispy treat while rolling it so it doesn’t get stuck on your board.

Step 2: Place the fruit rollup down and place your rice crispy treat on top of the fruit rollup.

Step 3: Get your long candies and place them on one of the ends. I had to cut mine in half.

Step 4: Start from the end that has your long candy on it and roll up the rice crispy with the fruit roll up.

Step 5: Cut off the excess fruit roll up and then cut the roll into pieces. I cut mine in about 5 pieces.


Step 1: Take your Rice Crispy Treat and cut into 3.

Step 2: Take the pieces of rice crispy treats and push in all the corners so it creates an oval shape.

Step 3: Get your long candies and place them on one of the ends. I had to cut mine in half.

Step 4: Add a swedish fish on top and then grab one of the fruit roll up strips and wrap it around the rice crispy treat.


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