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Grace and Lola are BFFs.  And they have a lot of questions about love.  So they hatch a plan.  They will observe the relationships at their Junior High and turn their findings into the Love Report.

Ms. Faith says: “This was a good middle-grade graphic novel about love and what that word truly means. Lola and Grace, through a series of ups and downs, explore relationships in all forms and try to determine what love is really all about.”

Saving Sunshine by Saadia Faruqi

Twins Zara and Zeeshan cannot stand each other, or each other’s hobbies.  Zara is an environmental activist, while Zeeshan dreams of joining NASA.  When they go on a family trip and won’t stop fighting, their parents punish them in the worst possible way–by taking their phones and making them explore the resort together.  At first, it seems like the two will never learn to get along.  But then Zara finds an injured turtle, and the two must work together to save it.

Ms. Krysta says: Saving Sunshine explores sibling relationships through Zara and Zeeshan, who never stop arguing but who, in the end, learn to appreciate each other for their differences.  Along the way, they also encounter a number of microaggressions, and learn how to stand up for themselves and for each other.  Recommended for fans of contemporary graphic novels like Jerry Craft’s New Kid.”

Shakti by S. J. Sindu

When Shakti and her moms move to a new town, Shakti at first cannot figure out why everyone there seems to bend to the will of a trio of school bullies. Then she sees the girls casting an evil spells in the woods.  Only by calling up on her own ancestral magic–and learning to let go of her anger–can Shakti save her family and the town.

Ms. Krysta says: Shakti explores the importance of accepting one’s whole self, negative emotions and all, as it follows one girl’s attempts to control her temper and view her enemies with empathy.  A fast-paced plot and plenty of action will keep readers flipping pages as they await the dramatic conclusion.  Shakti will appeal to fans of witchy graphic novels like The Witch Boy and The Okay Witch.”

Pea, Bee, and Jay: Farm Feud by Brian “Smitty” Smith

After an argument, Pea and Bee leave Jay to find new friends.  Pea thinks Blueberry and Lenny will be perfect for a new group, while Bee joins Acorn and Pea’s grandpa.  Will the original trio ever get back together?

Ms. Faith says: “Another good book about a pea, a bee, and a jay on a farm with no pockets and a snake. Will Pea and Bee ever settle their dispute? What was their argument even about? Will Jay get his best friends back? Will Snake ever find something to eat? And, what’s up with the acorn security guard!? Find out all of these questions and more with the fourth installment of Pea, Bee, & Jay: Farm Feud. You’ll laugh, cry… no, you’ll just laugh!”

Based on the popular webcomic, this sequel to Cat’s Café collects a series of uplifting comic strips featuring the animals who frequent the titular caféCat serves up plenty of support and wisdom as customers deal with relatable issues like self esteem and mental health.

Ms. Faith says: I absolutely love this series and I cannot wait until there are more. Full of real-life situations, feelings, and solutions, this series is sure to find a home in everyone’s heart. So relatable, so sweet, and a must read for all ages.”

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