Have you ever read a Flat Stanley book? The author, Jeff Brown, created this character over 50 years ago.  Stanley gets crushed by a bulletin board in his room and then he is forever flat.  The good news is that he can go on all sorts of adventures that a normal size kid would not be able to go on.  The Charles County Public Library has plenty of books and e-books on different Flat Stanley adventures.  Check one out here!

After you read a Flat Stanley book, go to their Web site! You can download a printable version of Flat Stanley and color it.  Once you have Flat Stanley colored and cut out, take him on some adventures.  We would love to know where your Flat Stanley went, so please fill out this form and you can even send us a pic of him doing something fun! 

“Where is Flat Stanley?” Google Form

We would love to post your Flat Stanley and his adventure so keep checking the CCPL Web site to see him (and other Flat Stanley’s fun times)!