Learn how to make your own superhero cuffs to transform and become an awesome superhero!!! This craft was created for our C4 virtual comic con on June 13th 2020. I hope you enjoy and check out our other superhero crafts and programs. Please Share your photos with us through our social media.

With this Craft you will create two cuffs one for each arm. You can make them the same or different.

What you will need:

  • Two empty toilet paper rolls or one if you want to cut it in half

  • Decorating Materials

  • Scissors 

  • Holepuncher 

  • String

Step 1: Cut toilet paper roll in half vertically

If you would like to use one toilet paper roll or would like a shorter cuff you can also cut the toilet paper roll in half horizontally.

Sept 2: Decorate

You can use crayons, markers, watercolor, paint and whatever fun craft stuff you can find in your house and have fun!!!

Step 3: Hole punch

Use your hole punch to create about 4 holes on each side of the toilet paper roll. Try to make the holes match on both sides.

Step 4: String

Now you will add the string to the holes you created. String them through like you would on a shoe. This step makes it so you can tighten the cuff on your arm. This way it will not fall off when you wear it. Now you’re ready to fight crime in your new superhero cuffs.