Tween Comic Club is a place for comic lovers ages 9-14 to discuss what they are reading each month.  Here is the latest list of the books we’ve been talking about and that our tween readers recommend!  Follow the links to check out a copy for yourself!

New Kid by Jerry Craft

Seventh grader Jordan Banks wants to go to art school, but his mom is determined that he should go to a fancy prep school instead.  At first, Jordan is not sure he will ever fit in.  But, as the year progresses, he finds his voice and he finds friends in the process.  Winner of the 2020 Newbery Medal.  The companion novel Class Act is expected to be released October 2020.

The Amazing World of Gumball by Frank Gibson

This comic series is based on the hit animated show!  It follows middle schooler Gumball Watterson and his best friend Darwin as they go on adventures in the city of Elmore.

Diana: Princess of the Amazons by Shannon and Dean Hale

What was Wonder Woman like before she became a superhero?  Shannon and Dean Hale explore Diana’s childhood on the mythical island of Themyscira.  Now eleven, Diana is beginning to feel like she can never do anything right, and that it’s no fun being the only kid on the island.  When she creates a friend out sand, however, Diana will have to choose between her new friendship and her people.

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Twelve-year-old Astrid has been best friends with Nicole forever.  But when Astrid signs up for roller derby and Nicole signs up for dance classes, their friendship becomes strained.  Is Astrid strong enough not only to compete in her first roller derby, but also to deal with changing friendships?  A Newbery Honor winner.

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

Omar and his younger brother fled war-torn Somalia five years ago and have been living in a refugee camp in Somalia ever since.  Now eleven, Omar has the chance to attend school and maybe even learn English in preparation for being relocated to the United States!  The relocation process drags out for years and, over time, Omar begins to lose hope.  Do Omar and his brother have a future?  What if they never get to leave the camp?  This is Omar Mohamed’s real-life story as told to award-winning graphic novelist Victoria Jamieson.

The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin

This popular graphic novel series adapts the Baby-Sitters Club books for a new generation.  Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey are best friends who are also founding members of the titular Baby-Sitters Club.  Together, they work through not only baby-sitting emergencies, but also relatable issues like strict parents, crushes, and fashion dilemmas.  The first few books are adapted by award-winning and bestselling author Raina Telgemeier.

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

He’s part man, part dog, and he’s here to fight crime!  Join Dog Man on his hilarious adventures as he goes paw-to-paw with his arch-nemesis Petey the Cat.

The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell

Sixteen kids use cardboard boxes to create a fantasy world where they can do anything from fighting monsters to building robots.  But can they use the lessons they learned to face the challenges they are experiencing in real life?

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

Cat’s younger sister Maya has cystic fibrosis, so their family moves to a new town.  A town where the residents claim there are ghosts.  As the residents prepare to celebrate their loved ones who have passed away, Cat will have to face the questions she was trying to ignore.

Guts by Raina Telgemeier

In this follow-up to Smile and Sisters, Raina wakes up one day with an upset stomach.  Her mother thinks it will go away, but it doesn’t.  Guts sensitively chronicles young Raina’s experience with anxiety as she tries to navigate middle school.

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

This autobiographical graphic novel follows a young Raina as she tries to fit in during middle school.  When she falls one night after Girl Scouts, however, she damages her front teeth, leading to an awkward period in which she has to wear embarrassing corrective equipment.  And this is all while trying to deal with normal tween issues like figuring out who your real friends are and whether your crush likes you back.  This award-winning book is followed by the sequel Sisters.

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