Zaiqa Cooking: Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter)

“This butter is delicious!” “Actually, it’s Ghee.” “Ah, thanks for clarifying.” Hahaha.. Get it? “Clarifying” (Happy sigh… I love butter jokes!) Ghee has been the main source of cooking, beauty, and even Ayurvedic properties.  Butter…mmmm, need I say more? Okay…Clarified Butter…Mmmmm, even [...]

2023-07-25T07:19:41-04:00July 25th, 2023|Adult, All, Children, Teen|

*Program Feature* Totally Awesome 90’s Party

Relive the magic of the '90s or experience it for the first time with an all-ages, family-friendly party at P.D. Brown! Travel through the decade with stations featuring majorly fun activities such as sand art, slap bracelets, and plastic lace. A light [...]

2023-07-03T15:49:48-04:00July 2nd, 2023|Adult, All, Children, Teen|

CCPL Astronomy Club: The Far Out Space Blog

Hey there and hello, Earth-dwellers. Welcome to The Far Out Space Blog! Previously on the CCPL Astronomy Club - The Season 2 finale of the CCPL club sure was fun. We discussed summer constellations, marked our calendars for the August 13th Perseid [...]

2023-06-16T11:50:05-04:00June 28th, 2023|Adult, All, Children, Teen|

Let’s Celebrate Pride Month: A Reading List for the Whole Family

Happy Pride Month!  If you’re looking to kick off Pride Month the right way–with some of the best books published in 2023, obviously–then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re a newbie to LGBTQ lit or are hoping to find a great [...]

2023-06-01T11:12:56-04:00June 1st, 2023|Adult, All, Children, Teen|
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